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Our Mission

RBR seeks to provide access to mental health services to those in lack of basic human needs, through advocacy and removing barriers to mental health services and education. With the tools needed, we seek to help individuals transition into a life of sustainability, balance, and fulfillment.

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Our Vision

RBR seeks to be a collaborative community partner for the client’s it serves, as well as other organizations that function with a goal of creating healthy spaces for all people regardless of financial status or any other identified barrier.  We would like to be seen as a place to learn and grow without judgment and a “home away from home” for our constituents.  We would like to be viewed as an educational hub for updated information regarding mental health and wellbeing by keeping well trained and professionally qualified staff that are capable of providing services from both a trauma informed perspective as well as a perspective that embraces cultural differences.  Though programming will begin with community mental health services and focusing on immediate barriers such as access to qualified providers and transportation, we are invested in continuing growth by providing services within our own housing facilities.  “When we help one another, everyone wins.”

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