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Melissa Dierker

Board Member

Melissa Dierker (she/her) is the creator and owner of Complete Harmony. As a mom of three, wife, social worker, singer and creative, Melissa saw a need to bring trauma-informed yoga to kids and youth and provides a trauma-sensitive studio space to serve them. After working for the state of Missouri, and at a not for profit with kids who have experienced trauma for over 10 years, Melissa realized how trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness could help so many people and provide strong supports for families.

Melissa strives to see individuals reach complete harmony with their mind, body, and spirit while processing and learning new strategies in an ever-changing world. She strives to create a safe environment, free of judgment, providing yoga with an empathetic, creative, and flexible approach.

Teaching mindfulness and body awareness to all kids and teens is so important in nurturing positive body image/awareness, regulating stress and anxiety, encouraging self-confidence, and more. “I understand that it takes a village to support and raise a child. I would love to be part of that village.”

Melissa Dierker
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